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Effective, Humane & Sustainable Bird Control

Protect your commercial premises and employees from the effects of bird infestation with professional, efficient bird control and deterrent solutions from Avisan.

At Avisan we understand just how damaging the effects of birds nesting or perching on, or in, a building can be. Aside from the building being covered in excrement, which is both unsightly and potentially damaging to the structure of a building, bird excrement can also be a major health hazard to those within the building. 

The damaging effects on a building when birds regularly visit or nest on/in a building include:

Dislodging or displacing roof tiles

Destroying insulation

Blocking guttering or drainage with their nesting materials

Damaging machinery, equipment and stock

Corrosion of paint, stone and metal due to their excrement

Damaging air vents and air conditioning systems

Can pose a significant health risk to anyone in the building who unknowingly digests bird excrement

Harnessing The Power Of Rope Access Specialists For Damp Projects

The main culprits of this are pigeons and seagulls, who are more than happy to make your building their home. If left untreated, bird excrement can damage roofs to such an extent that they are prone to serious leaks when raining, or even collapse under a heavy snowfall.

As all birds in the UK are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, great care has to be taken in their safe removal from a building. Our team has many years of experience in doing just that. By employing methods that have been approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, we can remove any bird infestation that is blighting a building, as well as put in place the very latest bird deterrent systems to stop any birds from returning, such as anti bird netting.

Our effective bird control and bird deterrent solutions include:

Bird control Avisan netting
Avisan Bird control netting for Eastenders building

Years of Industry Experience

Our highly skilled and fully qualified team of rope access technicians can access any part of your building to ensure that all traces of any bird infestation are removed, and will completely decontaminate any affected areas.

Once a building is decontaminated our team will install effective bird deterrent systems, such as anti bird netting and anti bird wiring, to stop birds from returning.

Why choose Avisan Bird Control and Management?

Vast experience in humanely removing and deterring birds from every type of building

Our rope access technicians can access and treat any part of a building

Complete decontamination service for every area affected by bird infestation

Extremely efficient service at a very competitive price

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.