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Quality Rope Access Services, Exterior Cleaning and Bird & Pest Control Solutions

Avisan is your one-stop shop for any project that requires tricky rope access or high access plant to complete. Our team of professional rope access technicians and IPAF qualified engineers are specialists in cleaning, repairing, painting, leak detection, bird control or carrying out maintenance on any type of building, regardless of height or difficulty. Our comprehensive rope access services and high-access MEWP solutions are designed to save your business time, and money and the inconvenience of using scaffolding to get the job done.

Who We Work With

Our commitment to consistently delivering the highest quality of work has led to us forging strong links with a range of commercial concerns that may each have multiple sites and estates, facilities or warehouses across the UK. This means that our team of rope access technicians, high access engineers and pest control experts regularly complete projects for companies across a variety of business sectors, including:



Facilities Management

Manufacturing & Plant

TV & Media Studios

Property & Estate Management

Transport & Logistics

With the experience gained from such varied projects across a range of industries, we can guarantee that we have the personnel, tools and know-how to offer viable and cost-effective rope access services or other high access solutions that meet your exact requirements, whatever they may be.

Why Choose Avisan?

Avisan was created by an experienced group of management professionals who have a very simple vision. To provide the highest quality rope access services, high access solutions and effective bird and pest control, based on our trio of core values.

We pride ourselves on providing a transparent service for all of our clients, from initial contact through to the completion of the project. Trust is at the centre of everything we do. Whether it be trust from our clients to successfully complete a project on time and on budget, to our rope access technicians trusting us to ensure all equipment is of the highest quality and all safety measures are stringently enforced at all times, trust is the backbone on which our business is built. When you choose Avisan you can trust the job will get done right, wherever it may be.