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High-Level Cladding Cleaning

Our expert team of rope access technicians can scale to any height to professionally clean the cladding of your building.

If you have cladding on the exterior of your building that requires professional cladding cleaning, Avisan’s team of fully IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians have the skills and experience to reach any area, however high or challenging to reach, and get the cladding cleaning job done quickly and efficiently.

Every building is unique and offers its own challenges when it comes to cleaning. This is especially true when it comes to the cladding of a building, which being an external feature, naturally offers even more challenges. Fortunately, our rope access team are multi-skilled Technicians who can professionally clean the following types of cladding:


Composite Wood/Timber






Harnessing The Power Of The Rope Access Technician

With cladding becoming an ever more popular finish to the exterior of a building, finding effective solutions to keep a building’s cladding clean can be a challenge to a building owner or Facilities Manager. Traditionally, high-access cladding cleaning could be done by a reach and wash system, operated from ground level. However, this method is not always effective, as the higher you go the less pressure is applied, resulting in grimier areas not being properly cleaned. Another option would be the use of MEWPs, but this is only viable to a certain height and relies on having appropriate space at ground level, which is not always the case.

But when you harness the power of our rope access specialists you are guaranteeing a quicker, safer, more efficient and less disruptive alternative to the reach and wash system, or MEWPs. Not only can our rope access technicians access any external area of a building, but they also have the tools, skills and experience to clean all cladding types to the highest standard, ensuring the same level of pressure is applied to every part of your cladding, however high.

Avisan rope access technician performs cladding and cleaning on building
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Avisan Always Puts Safety First

When working at height, the safety of our rope access technicians, plus any one in the vicinity of our work, is paramount. This is why we always undertake a comprehensive safety and risk assessment before beginning any project, with further risk assessments carried out until completion. All of our rope access technicians are qualified to IRATA & IPAF standards and all have First Aid Certification.

When you choose Avisan, you are choosing safety.

Why Choose Avisan’s Rope Access Solutions For Your Cladding Cleaning Project?

Free surveys

Less disruptive and more cost-effective than scaffolding

IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians fully trained in cleaning cladding of all types

Able to access any exterior part of any building, regardless of height

Continuous risk assessments to ensure work is carried out safely

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.