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Balcony And Parapet Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance

Our team of qualified rope access technicians and MEWP operatives are experts in balcony repairs and cleaning plus maintenance of balconies and parapets, whatever their height.

Blacony repairs, cleaning, and carrying out maintenance on balconies and parapets can be challenging due to their height above ground and their awkwardness to reach. Traditional methods of reaching high areas, such as scaffolding, are not only time-consuming and costly to erect, but can also disrupt the day-to-day workings of the occupants of the building, as well as the general public at street level. 

By choosing Avisan to carry out these works you are choosing IRATA & IPAF trained rope access specialists who have the skills and experience to successfully complete the project. Our team of experts offer a professional service that includes:

Balcony Cleaning

Balcony Maintenance

Balcony Repairs

Parapet Cleaning

Parapet Maintenance

Parapet Repairs

Effective Solutions For Every Scenario

Our rope access technicians have a vast amount of experience in using the latest rope access techniques to reach any external part of a building, whatever the height. Our team are multi-skilled and has the knowledge and expertise to carry out parapet and balcony repairs and maintenance work, however high or awkward to reach they may be. They are also highly trained in cleaning techniques, so whatever the project demands, our team will deliver. 

Should the balcony repair or maintenance project be closer to the ground, our team of MEWP operatives can use their skills to elevate our multi-skilled workers to the balcony or parapet in question to do the job. We assess each job on its own merits and offer a cost-effective and efficient solution that is tailored to each client’s needs.

Avisan rope access technicians work on balcony and parapet cleaning repairs maintenance
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Always Putting Safety First

Before commencing any project we will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of our technicians, the general public and anyone inside the building. We continue these risk assessments throughout the project, ensuring all safety procedures are strictly followed. All Avisan rope access technicians and MEWP operatives are trained to IRATA & IPAF standards.

Why Choose Avisan’s For Your Balcony Or Parapet Project?

Free surveys

More cost-effective and less disruptive than scaffolding

Fully IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians

Able to access any part of the building, however high, awkward or tricky

Our rope access technicians are multi-skilled across a range of projects

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.