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Quality Roof Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance Solutions

Our team of high-access rope technicians and MEWP operators offer expert roof cleaning, repairs and maintenance, whatever the height of the building.

Avisan’s team of highly experienced IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians and MEWP operators offer a cost-effective, safe and professional solution for your roof cleaning, repairs or maintenance project. 

We are not just expert abseilers with the skills to scale to any height, as our rope access technicians are multi-skilled and can deliver the highest standard of work. With years of experience, our team can efficiently carry out professional roof cleaning, repairs or maintenance work on roofing of all types, including the following:



Asphalt Shingles



Clay & Concrete

Why Our Rope Access Technicians & MEWP Solutions Are Ideal For Roofing Projects

Roof cleaning is essential for property maintenance. By removing the inevitable build-up of dirt, general debris and organic matter from your building’s roof and preventing it from blocking gutters and gullies, you are ensuring it stays free-flowing and clean, thus extending its lifespan. Just as important is regular maintenance to check for any damage or leaks, and then repair any faults found. However, accessing a roof can be challenging, especially on high-rise buildings. The traditional method for safely reaching a building’s roof was through the erection of scaffolding, but scaffolding is both costly and disruptive, plus may even require permits from the local authorities.

Fortunately, there is a more cost-effective, quicker and less disruptive alternative to scaffolding. Our rope access technicians are adept at accessing every part of your roof safely and efficiently, however challenging the roof may be. There is minimal disruption to the building’s occupants and the general public, and once in place our multi-skilled team can carry out any essential repairs, conduct general maintenance or carry out roof cleaning to a professional standard. 

Avisan technician roof cleaning on building
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Safety First, Everytime.

At Avisan, safety is our number one concern. This is the very reason why we always complete safety risk assessments before and during every stage of every project, to ensure the safety of occupants of a building, anyone else within the vicinity of our operations, and of course, our employees. All of our rope access technicians are IRATA & IPAF trained, plus all hold First Aid Certification. We ensure that any equipment used by our employees is of the highest standard and passes all safety checks.

Why Choose Avisan For Your Roofing Repair Or Cleaning Project?

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Experienced IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians who can reach any area

Multi-skilled team who can carry out roofing repairs and maintenance plus can professionally clean all roofing types

A more cost-effective, less disruptive and quicker option to scaffolding

Risk assessments are undertaken throughout the process to ensure maximum safety

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.