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Effective Graffiti Removal

Our experienced team of trained rope access technicians and MEWP operators offer effective graffiti removal and will eradicate graffiti from a building, wherever it may be.

Graffiti removal has long been the bane of building owners and Facilities Managers. Whilst some forms of graffiti can be seen as artistic, the majority of graffiti that plagues a building is an eyesore that needs to be removed. Unfortunately, graffiti perpetrators delight in defacing buildings in hard-to-reach areas, making graffiti removal challenging.

Fortunately, our team of expert rope access technicians and MEWP operators can easily and cost-effectively reach the affected areas, plus have the skills and experience to completely eradicate any traces of unwanted vandalism on your building. We can completely remove any traces of graffiti from the following surfaces:







Why Rope Access Technicians Are More Cost Effective Than Scaffolding

Unless the graffiti on your building was created by Banksy, the chances are you want it removed as quickly and in the most effective manner possible. As graffiti artists often delight in showcasing their ‘work’ in the most hard-to-reach places possible, graffiti removal is not always an option from ground level. Traditionally, one of the only ways to safely reach the affected area was through scaffolding.

However, scaffolding is time-consuming and costly to erect, can severely disrupt the day-to-day operations of the building’s occupants and the general public, and may involve permits from the local authority. By choosing Avisan’s team of skilled rope access technicians or MEWP solutions you are choosing a far more cost-effective, quicker, safer and less disruptive alternative to scaffolding.

Avisan Rope access technician performs graffiti removal
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Safety First, Everytime

As a team that specialises in working at heights both around and above others, safety is at the forefront of any work we carry out. A full risk assessment is undertaken at every stage of a project, to ensure the utmost safety of our employees, the general public and anyone in the building we are working on. All of our rope access technicians are IRATA & IPAF trained, have First Aid Certification and only use equipment that has been rigorously and regularly tested.

Why Choose Avisan For Your Graffiti Removal Project

Effective and efficient graffiti removal from any surface, whatever the height

Multi-skilled IRATA & IPAF qualified rope technicians who can reach any area

Less disruptive and more cost-effective than scaffolding

Free surveys

Constant risk assessments to ensure the utmost safety at all times

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.