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High-Level Snagging & Finishing Solutions

Avisan offers professional snagging and finishing services through our team of rope access technicians and MEWP operators, whatever the height of the job.

With every project comes the need to check for any errors that may have been made, or to put those finishing touches to a job. While a simple matter at ground level, this can become more challenging when snagging and finishing are required at height. Avisan’s team of rope access technicians and MEWP operators have the skills to reach any external area of a building and get the job done safely, efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our work at height experts are not only able to easily reach any external area to work, but they also have the experience, tools and knowhow to complete a comprehensive snag list or put the finishing touches on projects that include:







Harness The Power Of Rope Access Technicians For Your Snagging & Finishing Project

Snagging potential issues on any work done on a building, plus applying the finishing touches to a project are essential for the structural and aesthetic value of a building. Completing these works can be a challenge, with scaffolding being the traditional means to reach those hard-to-access areas. However, scaffolding is costly, takes time to erect, can disrupt the activities of those within the building and may even require permits to be put in place before erecting.

But when you choose Avisan’s high-access snagging and finishing solutions you are choosing a safer, more cost-effective high-access solution that minimises disruption to the building’s occupants and people at street level. Our team of IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians and MEWP operators are trained and experienced in snagging and putting those finishing touches to a range of projects, however high or awkward the areas in question are to reach.

Avisan rope access technician completing snagging and finishing solutions on building
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Safety First, Everytime

As a company that specialises in working on projects at height, we treat the safety of our employees and anyone in the vicinity of our work as the number one priority. Thorough risk and safety assessments are taken throughout a project, from beginning to completion. Any equipment used is of the highest standard and has undergone rigorous safety testing, and all of our rope access technicians are IRATA & IPAF trained and qualified, and all hold First Aid Certification.

Why Choose Avisan For High-Level Snagging And Finishing Projects?

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Experienced IRATA & IPAF qualified rope access technicians who can safely and quickly reach any area

Multi-skilled team who can carry out snagging lists and finishing to the highest standard

A more cost-effective option than scaffolding

Risk assessments are carried out throughout the process to ensure the safety of our employees and anyone in the area of our work

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.