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Rope Rescue & Support Services

Avisan’s team of versatile rope access technicians include rope rescue and support specialists who can rescue colleagues in need, both at height or in confined spaces.

Our team of rope access technicians are adept at scaling to any height or working in hard-to-access confined spaces to get a job done. When working under these challenging conditions safety measures must be put in place, so that in those rare occasions where one of our employees’ equipment has failed or is in danger, they can be quickly and safely rescued.

On any project we undertake that requires rope access technicians to complete our team will also always include IRATA qualified rope access rescue experts, to be on hand in the unlikely event of an emergency. They are trained to carry out rescue operations on the following:

Exterior Of Buildings (However High Or Difficult To Access)



Confined Spaces


Anywhere Our Rope Access Technicians Are Working

Mitigating The Dangers Of Working At Height Or In Confined Spaces

As a team of rope access technicians who specialise in working at extreme heights, roofs, hard-to-reach areas and confined spaces, there is always an element of danger. Even by conducting thorough risk assessments and following the most stringent safety measures, emergencies do (very, very occasionally) occur. To ensure the safety of all of our employees at all times, we always have rope access technicians extensively trained in rope rescue from heights or in confined spaces.

By always being available on any of our projects, our rope rescue-trained rope access technicians will be able to immediately assist any of our employees who are in danger. This may be an employee whose rope rigging has malfunctioned, or even in the worst case scenario, become untethered completely and at immediate risk of falling. As every scenario is different, our rope rescue trained rope technicians have the equipment and expertise to perform a rescue based on the situation

Avisan rope access technician performs rescue support services on roof of building
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Taking The Safety Of Our Employees To The Next Level

Although it is our policy to always have rope rescue-trained rope access experts on every project we undertake, we do our utmost to make sure they are never needed. By conducting thorough risk and safety assessments at every stage of a project, plus only using equipment that is of the highest standard and has passed regular safety checks, we minimise any risks to our employees, the occupants of a building and anyone else in the area of our work. All of our rope access technicians are IRATA & IPAF qualified, and all hold up-to-date First Aid Certification.

Why Choose Avisan’s Rope Access Solutions?

The team includes rope rescue trained rope access technicians

All rope access technicians IRATA & IPAF qualified

Able to access any part of the building, however high, awkward or tricky

Our rope access technicians are multi-skilled specialists in a range of projects

Free surveys on projects

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