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Banner & Signage Installation

With Avisan you can choose from our rope access technicians or MEWP operators to safely and efficiently install banners and signage, however high the installation may be.

Avisan provides a team that has the training, experience and skills to professionally install banners and signage on any type of building, regardless of height or difficulty in reaching. Our rope access technicians are all IRATA & IPAF qualified and can safely reach any area at height, while our MEWP solutions offer an alternative method for installation projects closer to ground level.

We assess every project and then provide the most efficient solution. Our team of at-height specialists have a variety of skill bases and can professionally install a range of banners and signage, including:

Fabric Banners

Vinyl Banners

Mesh Banners

Framed Banners

Wayfinding Signage

Window Signage

A More Cost-Effective Solution To Banner & Signage Installation

The installation of banners and signage in high or difficult-to-reach areas can be challenging, and, in some cases, even dangerous. The traditional installation method would be to erect scaffolding so the work could be carried out. However, not only is this method of installation time-consuming and potentially disruptive to anyone in the building, but it also means hiring two contractors to get the job done. One to erect the scaffolding, and one to do the installation.

Fortunately, there is another solution. Our rope access technicians not only have the skills and experience to install banners and signage, but by utilising their abseiling techniques they can easily and safely reach any external area of a building. So no matter where your building banners and signage need to be installed, you will get a professional outcome from just one team.

Avisan Rope access technician working on banner signage installation
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Think Avisan, Think Safety First

Safety is at the forefront of every decision we make, regardless of the project. A complete risk and safety assessment is undertaken before the commencement of any project, with further risk assessment completed at every stage of the work. To further ensure the safety of our employees and anybody in the general area of our operations, all equipment is of the highest quality and is regularly tested for safety. Our rope access technicians are all IRATA & IPAF trained and qualified, plus all hold up-to-date First Aid Certification. When you choose Avisan for your banner and signage installation project, you are choosing a company that always puts safety first.

Why Choose Avisan For Your Banners & Signage Installation?

Free surveys

More cost-effective and far less disruptive than using scaffolding or ladders

Fully IRATA/IPAF qualified rope access technicians trained and skilled at banner and signage installation

Able to access any external part of a building

Continuous risk assessments are undertaken throughout the installation

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.