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Bird netting being installed by an Avisan rope access technician in Camden Sainsbury's

The Brief: 

Our team of IRATA-qualified rope access technicians are old hands when it comes to bird control solutions including bird netting installation on buildings of all types, shapes and heights. So when we were approached by one of our larger partners, whom we often support with our rope and high access services, to work on a building once named by The Guardian as “Building of the Year”, we jumped at the chance! The building in question is the Grade II listed Sainsbury’s building on Camden Rd, London. This high-tech architectural structure was completed in 1988 and in 2019 became the first purpose-built supermarket that Historic England granted Grade II listed status to. The building is situated on the site of the former Aerated Bread Company and sits within a triangle consisting of two extremely busy roads, plus the Grand Union Canal. The project required the building to be professionally cleaned to remove dirt, debris and bird guano, followed by professional bird netting installation to deter pigeons from using the building for roosting and nesting. 

The Solution:

When approaching bird control solutions, such as this cleaning and bird netting installation project on a Grade II listed building (which happens to be located in a very busy and popular area of London), there are several factors which need consideration. Fortunately, our team of rope access technicians have lots of experience in working on Grade listed buildings, and have the tools and expertise to complete cleaning projects to the highest standards without causing any damage to the building. To minimise disruption to both the occupants of the building and anyone walking past the building we completed all work during the night. All cleaning materials used to clean the dirt, debris and bird guano were specifically chosen as they were the best cleaning materials to use on steel and aluminium (the primary materials used in the construction of this building). Once cleaned, our team got to work with the bird netting installation to deter birds from the building. 

The Outcome:

Once the project was completed the Sainsbury’s building on Camden Road, North London, was restored back to its original state, free from all dirt, debris and bird guano. Our skilled rope access technicians were able to quickly and efficiently reach all external areas of the building, saving the client the expense of using scaffolding (which would have cost the client a lot more and severely disrupted the area). Once professionally cleaned, our team completed the bird netting installation to help protect this fabulous building from the effects of birds nesting and roosting. The client was extremely happy with the final outcome, as were we!

Professional bird netting installation from Avisan 

There is a reason we are known as one of the best rope access companies in the area, as we always stand by our 3 core values. Service. Safety. Satisfaction. We understand that every project offers its own challenges, and we approach each project to offer the highest level of service based on those challenges. The safety of our team, plus anyone in the vicinity of our operations is paramount, and to ensure this we conduct a thorough risk assessment at every stage of a project.

Our team of IRATA trained rope access technicians are multi-skilled workers who are able to complete high level external cleaning, repair and maintenance projects at height to the highest possible standards, both quicker and more cost-effectively than by erecting scaffolding. Our rope access technicians are also able to conduct bird control services including bird netting installation on all building types, regardless of the height or difficulty in accessing. So if you have any bird netting installation project in the London or Home Counties area, or require our rope access technicians to complete a cleaning, repair or maintenance project at height, contact our team today. 

Sainsbury's bird netting installation based in Camden
Camden Sainsbury's bird netting installation
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