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In recent years, more and more Facility and Property Managers have been turning to professional rope access companies, like Avisan, for their building’s at-height projects. If you are responsible for a building and want it to function as it should, continue to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and be safe for the building’s occupants and anyone at street level, it requires regular cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.


Over time, buildings face many issues that can seriously affect their external areas. The weather plays a significant role, with rain, wind, sleet, and snow all playing their part in causing problems to the external surface and features of a building. Animals, especially birds, can also play havoc with a building. When large groups of birds choose to congregate or build their nests on a building, the inevitable bird excrement (guano) that follows not only looks an eyesore, but can also be a genuine health hazard for those using the building and can even corrode paint, stone, and even metal. Birds and animals can also damage the structure of the building, dislodge roof tiles, block guttering, and damage air vents, air conditioning systems, machinery, equipment, and stock.


The traditional method 

Successfully combating these issues becomes ever more problematic with high-rise buildings or buildings with hard-to-reach external areas. Before the rise of rope access companies like Avisan, the traditional method of safely reaching hard-to-access external areas was through the erection of scaffolding. However, scaffolding has many drawbacks. It is expensive, and time-consuming to construct and take down, it may require specific permissions from the local authorities, and it can often disrupt the occupants of a building (as well as those at street level).


When choosing scaffolding you may also have to pay twice to get the job done. Once for the scaffolding, and then for the contractor to complete the cleaning, repair, or maintenance project. Fortunately, professional rope access companies like Avisan can offer a better alternative than scaffolding.

Rope Access Companies | Man Hanging From Building With Rope Cleaning Bricks


Here are 5 powerful reasons rope access companies like Avisan are a better option

More Cost Effective

One of the most appealing reasons Facility & Property Managers are opting for rope access companies like Avisan is the cost-effectiveness of using a rope access technician. Our rope access technicians are multi-skilled workers able to professionally complete a wide range of cleaning, repair, and maintenance projects, and they can access any external area of a building quickly and with minimum equipment. Additionally, rope access technicians do not require any permit to get to work.

Less Disruptive

Not only does scaffolding look visually unappealing, but it can also impair the movements of those using a building. Our expert rope access technicians offer a more subtle solution, as they can access areas using only ropes and harnesses, leaving occupants free to go about their business and the building free of unsightly scaffolding.

More Efficient

As rope access technicians require far less setting up and dismantlement time than scaffolding, this allows for more available time to work on the project itself. A big reason Facility & Property Managers are opting for rope access companies like Avisan is projects are completed much quicker than if using scaffolding.


Rope access companies employ rope access technicians who must be IRATA or equivalently trained to be able to complete rope access projects. All of our rope access technicians undertake this training regularly to ensure their safety. This also makes our rope access solutions a much safer alternative than scaffolding as any tools or equipment used are always secured by rope, preventing potential injuries to anyone walking under our operatives.

More Versatile

There are some types and styles of buildings and structures that make it extremely difficult to safely reach via scaffolding. Our team of rope access technicians is highly versatile and mobile, able to access external areas of a building no matter how high or challenging access to the area is.

Choose Avisan for your next high-access project

Avisan offers a team of highly experienced and multi-skilled rope access technicians able to professionally complete a wide variety of projects at height, including high rise window cleaning and repairs, cladding cleaningbird control solutions, exterior repairs and maintenance, high-level leak detection, inspections and surveys, damp investigations, painting, graffiti removal and so much more.

To see firsthand why rope access companies like Avisan are becoming the only choice for high level cleaning, repairs, and maintenance projects contact our friendly team today.

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