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Why Should you install bird control and bird deterrent methods

Birds love to make their homes in warm, dry, safe places, from high-rise building roof-tops to chimneys, and guttering. While birds can appear very charming and harmless, they can in fact cause a magnitude of issues. A nesting or roosting bird can cause significant damage to the fabric of buildings, equipment and even the health of staff and customers.

Bird droppings (otherwise known as guano) contain uric acid which is highly effective at corroding things like metals, stonework and paint affecting the aesthetics of buildings. When bird issues are left unaddressed they can lead to costly repairs, become hazardous through slip-and-fall accidents and cause serious health problems. We will explore the advantages of installing bird control and bird deterrents and some of the methods that are the most popular.

Understanding the impact of birds

Before delving into bird control and bird deterrent methods, we first need to explore the impact that nesting and roosting birds can have on businesses, buildings and employees. Below are some facts to highlight why such methods are necessary to protect your assets.

Health & Safety: Bird droppings can be hazardous. Once dried, guano can cause a whole world of serious health implications. The dust from droppings carry harmful pathogens and once breathed in can cause infection, such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. It is not only the guano that can cause health concerns but also bird nests and their debris, these can carry mites and other diseases. Bird droppings can also cause problems when wet as they can lead to slip-and-fall accidents if the issue is not managed immediately.

Some birds such as seagulls can become highly aggressive during breeding season and can “dive-bomb” anyone that comes too near to their nests causing injury. Birds are also protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it an offence to remove nests, destroy their eggs and kill or harm any birds making it virtually impossible to be rid of them. This makes it essential to install any bird control or bird deterrent methods before breeding season begins.

Decrease Productivity: Birds can generate a lot of noise, causing distractions to staff and harming productivity within the workforce. The presence of a significant amount of guano within the working environment can create an unpleasant and unhealthy place to work, causing employees to be unhappy in the workplace. With the installation of bird control and bird deterrents, this can lead to a more pleasant and productive working environment for all.

Saving Time & Money: Bird control and bird deterrent methods are an investment to prevent birds from roosting or nesting. Guano causes damage to the fabric of the buildings, equipment and machinery, as well as bird nests and their debris-blocking guttering, these can lead to expensive repairs and constant cleaning. Once bird control and bird deterrents have been installed, they create a barrier between the bird and the building, preventing birds from making their home there.

What Bird Control and Bird deterrent Methods are used?

Now that we have explored why bird control and bird deterrents are in high demand, we will now examine the methods used to prevent birds from nesting and roosting. These methods are highly effective at preventing bird infestations, some of the more popular methods are:

Anti-bird netting: Netting is a highly popular and commonly used method for bird control. The netting is made from materials such as nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. The sole purpose of the net is to stop birds from accessing particular areas, such as rooftops or vents and helps create a physical barrier between the bird and the building. The netting does not harm the birds in any way and is simply used as a deterrent, leaving the bird with little choice but to find its home elsewhere. The materials used are durable, versatile and long-lasting making this the perfect bird control and bird deterrent method.

Anti-bird Spikes: Another Popular method used are bird spikes, these are designed to deter birds from perching on surfaces such as ledges, windowsills, chimneys, or rooftop edges. The bird spikes can be made from either plastic or stainless steel, the spikes are not sharp and do not cause any harm or injury to the bird. The spikes have a polycarbonate base and are UV-resistant making them durable, versatile, weather-resistant and long-lasting. The use of this bird control and bird deterrent method is to make an inconvenient surface for the birds to land, forcing them to find alternative places to rest.

Bird Pin Wire Systems: The application of this bird control and bird deterrent method is all about discretion, the wires are exceptionally difficult to see from a distance and do not create an eye-sore on buildings. The Bird Pin Wire systems are made from stainless steel wires coated by nylon, tensioned by springs and securely fastened between posts. They can be installed on almost any surface, such as ledges, beams and signs, making them highly versatile. This method is designed to make the bird uncomfortable when they land on the wire and create an unpleasant experience, the bird will then find elsewhere to roost. Bird Pin Wire systems are durable and weather-resistant, meaning that they will last a very long time saving costs in the long term.


The presence of birds in commercial buildings presents a multitude of challenges, from damage to the fabric of buildings, potential health risks and loss of productivity leading to a loss of revenue. However, with bird control and bird deterrent strategies, businesses can protect their assets, preserve the health and safety of their employees and customers and maintain the aesthetic appeal of their properties.

The key is to adopt a proactive approach by investing in bird control and bird deterrent methods, the measures used are humane, eco-friendly and legal. As a result of investing in these strategies, you will be creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for staff and customers, this will lead to increased productivity and help your business to thrive.

Help us to build a better, brighter future by protecting your buildings with the use of bird control and bird deterrents. By operating across London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex, and Surrey we cover a vast area in the South East providing tailor-made solutions to your avian troubles. Contact us today to discover how we can help you and to book a free, no-obligation survey.

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