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Man from rope access company hanging from Rochester Bridge

The history of rope access, a journey through time

Rope access has revolutionised the way we approach work at height, offering a versatile and efficient solution for tasks that were once deemed too dangerous or impractical. As a leading rope access company, Avisan is proud to continue this tradition of innovation and excellence. In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating history of rope […]
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Rope access Avisan rope access technician hanging from bridge in safety uniform

5 powerful reasons rope access companies are on the rise

In recent years, more and more Facility and Property Managers have been turning to professional rope access companies, like Avisan, for their building’s at-height projects. If you are responsible for a building and want it to function as it should, continue to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and be safe for the building’s occupants […]
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Avisan rope access technician using safe rope access to clean residential building

The 5 crucial risk assessment steps for safe rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance projects

The 5 steps for safe rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance projects When considering completing projects that require rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance, safety should be the number one priority for all rope access companies. At Avisan, we take our dedication to the safety of our rope access technicians, the occupants of any building we are […]
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Avisan Rope access technician abseiling performing high level window cleaning

6 reasons high level window cleaning is so important

If you are a Facilities Manager or Property Manager responsible for a multi-story building, high level window cleaning is something that will fall under your remit. Windows on high rise buildings are, by their nature, hard to reach. It is due to the challenges high rise window cleaning brings that this type of cleaning project is often […]
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Silos showcasing the Silo cleaning services by Avisan

4 amazing benefits of our silo cleaning services

Silos may seem like just another structure, but they are crucial for storing bulk materials such as grains, food products and more, making them invaluable for many industries. Silos come in all different shapes and sizes and have many uses. However, the one thing that silos all have in common though is their unique structure […]
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