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Silos showcasing the Silo cleaning services by Avisan

Silos may seem like just another structure, but they are crucial for storing bulk materials such as grains, food products and more, making them invaluable for many industries. Silos come in all different shapes and sizes and have many uses. However, the one thing that silos all have in common though is their unique structure and their difficulty to clean and repair, making those who offer professional silo cleaning services, like Avisan, so important. Silo cleaning, plus repairing and maintaining silos is a paramount and essential part of keeping them clean and maintained, helping to prevent any build-up, prevent blockages, and cross-contamination which can lead to operational inefficiencies and safety hazards. We will be exploring what silos are, the methods used to clean and maintain them and the top 4 amazing benefits of employing expert silo cleaning services from an experienced silo cleaning company like Avisan. But first, let’s dive into what a silo is.

So, what constitutes a silo?

The term silo derives from the Greek word “siros” which simply translates to “a pit to hold grain”. A silo is a structure that is used for storing bulk materials. Silos can be used to store a whole magnitude of items from grains and food products to coal, cement and wood chips and beyond. Silos are typically large cylinder-shaped structures and can be made from a whole range of materials. The more common types of silos that you may encounter are tower silos, bunker silos, bag silos, concrete stave silos and cement storage silos. For silos to remain efficient, safe and clean, it is beneficial to use a specialist silo cleaning company that uses rope access technicians, like Avisan, to help maintain the silo. Now that we have identified what a silo is, we will now explore the methods used to keep a silo maintained and clean.

Methods used to keep a silo clean and maintained

As already identified in the previous paragraph, silos are incredibly difficult to keep sparkling clean and working efficiently. This is where the use of an expert silo cleaning company like Avisan comes in. With the use of our experienced silo cleaning services, our expert rope access technicians can enter a silo and carry out routine inspections which is crucial to ensure that there are not any structural issues.

A popular method is to paint the inside of the silo which helps protect the silo from corrosion and abrasion. Teams of rope access technicians are also able to provide essential repairs to the silo from the roof, addressing any leaks that are discovered and identifying any structural inefficiencies that could cause the silo to not function correctly. With the use of silo cleaning services and using a silo cleaning company, our skilled rope access technicians can enter a silo and manually clean the inside of silos with the use of shovels, brooms and brushes. Silo cleaning companies also use pressure washing, which is extremely effective at helping to remove stubborn residues. Another method used is chemical cleaning, this is where cleaning agents or solvents can be applied to the inside walls of a silo to remove dirt and grime that are proving to be particularly difficult to remove. Now that we have explored some of the methods that can be used to clean and repair silos, let’s now move on to find out the top 4 benefits of using our expert silo cleaning services.


1. Safety

Within a silo, excess materials and residue can accumulate over a period of time, leading to blockages which can pose a potential fire hazard. Obstructions caused by an accumulation of materials within a silo can also cause further safety hazards such as confined space risks and structural instability. By using a professional silo cleaning company that provides experienced silo cleaning services, you can prevent debris from clogging the silo and avoid hazards. This creates a safer working environment for staff and reduces the risks of accidents and injuries.

2. Efficiency

Our silo cleaning services ensure the silos are kept pristine and help to prevent residue build-up which could cause the silo to not operate correctly. This would subsequently result in operational downtime, impacting revenue for businesses. By employing a silo cleaning company you guarantee meticulous cleanliness and maintenance, ensuring smooth operations, minimal disruptions, and enhanced productivity.

3. Preservation of product quality

The contamination and cross-contamination of products pose a significant risk to quality. This can be particularly prevalent in industries such as food production, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Our silo cleaning services are ideal to prevent any contamination occurring by removing residues, mould, and other contaminants that may affect the quality of the product. This in turn ensures that the products meet regulatory standards and help ensure that storage facilities are maintained in clean, hygienic and safe environments. By allowing a silo cleaning company to carry out their silo cleaning services, this can help companies protect themselves from any fines, penalties, and reputational damage that could be caused by not adhering to regulations and remaining compliant.

4. Long-term cost savings

Although at first glance, investing in professional silo cleaning services may appear costly, this is nothing in comparison to the costs that will be incurred over a period of time by implementing reactive cleaning, repairs and maintenance work. By investing in regular silo cleaning services you are doing your best to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and that any problems are addressed before they become a much bigger problem. This helps reduce costs and saves money and time, leading to better productivity.

Experienced and effective silo cleaning services

To conclude, investing in regular silo cleaning services extends beyond cleanliness. From safety and efficiency to preserving product quality and helping stay compliant with industry regulations, professional silo cleaning companies like Avisan play a pivotal role in helping you maintain optimal operational performance with silo cleaning services. This helps businesses maintain and unlock a world of advantages that contribute to their overall success and sustainability.

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