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Avisan Rope access technician abseiling performing high level window cleaning

If you are a Facilities Manager or Property Manager responsible for a multi-story building, high level window cleaning is something that will fall under your remit. Windows on high rise buildings are, by their nature, hard to reach. It is due to the challenges high rise window cleaning brings that this type of cleaning project is often down the pecking order of priorities. However, it cannot be understated that this job is still incredibly important and must not be overlooked. As one of the area’s premier rope access companies, high level window cleaning is one of the most popular projects our experienced IRATA qualified rope access technicians get booked for. So we know a thing or two about the importance of regular high level window cleaning.

Why choose a rope access technician?

But before we get into the reasons why regularly cleaning your commercial buildings’ windows is important, we just want to reiterate why opting for rope access companies like Avisan to complete these works is a much better option than the traditional method of erecting scaffolding to reach hard to access areas for high level external cleaningrepairs or maintenance projects. Scaffolding is costly, it takes a long time to erect, disrupts the operations of the occupants of the building in question (as well as the general public at street level), and often requires permits or permission from the local authorities to erect. In many situations, scaffolding isn’t even viable in the first place (depending on the building type and location). Finally, when choosing scaffolding you will nearly always have to pay two separate contractors, the scaffolding provider and the window cleaning team.

By opting for the skills of a rope access technician you are choosing a much more cost-effective solution for high level window cleaning. Our rope access technicians can reach windows far more quickly than erecting scaffolding, cause little to no disruption, require no permits or permissions, and can access all external areas of a building (regardless of building type, height or difficulty in reaching). And the best bit? All of our rope access technicians are multi-skilled workers able to complete high level window cleaning to the highest standards, so no need to pay two separate contractors. You can read more about why more businesses are turning to rope access technicians for high level cleaning, repairs and maintenance projects in our recent blog, 5 powerful reasons rope access companies are on the rise.


High level window cleaning

So back to the importance of regular high level window cleaning. We have put together 6 compelling reasons to regularly clean your windows.

1. Aesthetic Value

Perhaps obvious, but clean windows increase curb appeal and offer a much better first impression for visitors. This is even more important for high rise buildings as the windows are more visible from further away.

2. Window Efficiency

By regularly cleaning your windows you increase their efficiency, allowing solar power to increase the temperature inside the building, and therefore cutting down on using unnecessary energy heating rooms.

3. Longer Lifespan

High level windows are more susceptible to the build-up of debris, wind damage and the effects of snow, sleet and rain. All of these things can get absorbed into the glass, which could result in corrosion (and the need for replacement).

4. More Sun

Cleaner windows allow for more sunlight to enter a room or area, which studies have shown is incredibly beneficial to the mental well-being of the building occupants.

5. Improved Air Quality

The build-up of debris and dirt on a window can affect the air quality inside the room. Pores from this kind of build-up can enter a room through cracks in the window’s inside tracks, leading to potential health issues if left unresolved.

6. Safer

The longer that your windows have been left uncleaned or unmaintained, the higher
chance of vulnerabilities developing in the window, which could lead to potential falls or
Injuries should the glass break.

Choose Avisan for your high level window cleaning project

So now that you can see just why regular high level window cleaning is so important, choose Avisan’s team of highly experienced rope access technicians to get the job done quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

And remember, as one of the area’s premier rope access companies, we offer more than high level window cleaning. Our expert team of rope access technicians also offer professional bird control for all building types, as well as all manner of at-height cleaning, repairs and maintenance projects, including balcony repairsilo cleaning, and much more. Contact our team today to discuss your at-height project.

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