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Damp Surveys & Damp Remedial Repairs and Maintenance

Our specialist team of rope access technicians offers damp surveys, plus remedial repairs and maintenance on any part of your building, regardless of height.

Our IRATA & IPAF trained and qualified rope access technicians utilise their abseiling skills to easily reach any part of your building, including roofs, external walls, balconies and parapets. As multi-skilled technicians, our team have the expertise and experience to carry out essential damp surveys, plus can complete damp remedial repairs, as well as carry out general maintenance.

With a vast amount of experience in completing projects at height, our team can carry out damp surveys, repairs and maintenance to the highest standards on the following external surfaces:


Masonry & Concrete



Composite Materials

Vinyl Siding

Harnessing The Power Of Rope Access Specialists For Damp Projects

Dampness has long been the bane of any building owner or Facilities Manager. There are many reasons for dampness in a building, from the location or age of the building, what type of ground it was built on, to poorly completed building work and inadequate materials used in construction. Whatever the reason, once dampness takes hold it is essential to remove it where possible to avoid very costly structural repairs, as well as negating any adverse health effects for the occupants of the building.

When it comes to dampness, prevention is always better than the cure. Avisan’s team of rope access technicians can access every external part of a building, regardless of height or difficulty, and have the training, experience and know-how to complete a comprehensive damp survey. If found early, dampness can be treated more easily than if it has seriously permeated into a structure. But if this is the case, our team has the expertise to offer a damp remedial solution, as well as repairs and general maintenance. By choosing our rope access services you are choosing a quicker, safer, more cost-effective and less disruptive method compared to scaffolding to reach external areas affected by dampness.

Avisan rope access technician working on building surveying for damp remedial repairs and maintenance
Rope access technician performing graffiti removal

Years of Industry Experience

Regardless Of The Project, Avisan Always Puts Safety First

As a team that is often working at extreme heights, safety is always at the forefront of every decision we make. Safety for our rope access technicians, the occupants of the building we are working on, plus anyone else in the general vicinity of our operations. As well as being fully IRATA & IPAF qualified, our team always undertakes a thorough safety and risk assessment before and during any project we work on. We ensure any equipment used has been regularly safety tested, and all of our employees are First Aid trained.

Why Choose Avisan Rope Access Solutions For Damp Surveys, Damp Remedial Repairs & General Maintenance

Experts who can effectively survey every area of a building

A more cost-effective alternative to scaffolding

Experienced in damp remedial repairs

All high-access employees IRATA/IPAF qualified

Minimum disruption to occupants of the building

If you have a project that would benefit from our specialist high-access solutions, we would love to hear from you.