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Avisan rope access technician using safe rope access to clean residential building

The 5 steps for safe rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance projects

When considering completing projects that require rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance, safety should be the number one priority for all rope access companies. At Avisan, we take our dedication to the safety of our rope access technicians, the occupants of any building we are working on, plus anyone else in the vicinity of our operations, very seriously indeed. So seriously in fact, it is at the heart of everything we do and is included in our trio of core values.

Service. Safety. Satisfaction.

High-level rope access repairs, cleaning and maintenance projects are, by their very nature of being completed at extreme heights, always potentially dangerous. This is why rope access companies like Avisan must apply stringent risk assessments at every stage of a project to mitigate risks by identifying and addressing any potential dangers. Our meticulous approach to safety begins before our rope access technicians even arrive at a building. Every single rope access technician that we allocate is independently trained every 3 years to IRATA standards, is First Aid trained and holds SSSTS certification. All site supervisors are trained to IRATA Level 3.

This continuous training ensures all of our rope access technicians are fully aware of the importance of safety on any rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance project. However, even with fully safety-aware staff, constant risk assessments are critical for the ongoing safety of anyone in the vicinity of our work. In this blog, we are going to outline the risk assessment steps we take before, during and even after a project is completed, to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained at all times.

Rope Access Repairs | Technician On Rope

Our 5 safety steps for safe rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance

1. Identifying Potential Hazards

For example, when completing rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance, the most obvious potential hazards are the rope access technicians’ tools or equipment, which if dropped could cause damage to a building or even injury or death to those below. All rope harness equipment used by a rope access technician is also a potential hazard if faulty or past its use-by date.

2. Identifying Who Could Be Harmed

Identifying who is at risk from rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance projects extends to all rope access technicians, occupants of the building being worked on, plus anyone else in the vicinity of our operations, or anyone at street level. For any hazard identified in Step 1, we look at who could be affected in the case of an accident, helping us to identify preventative measures to mitigate the risk.

3. Evaluate Risks & Decide On Control Methods

Once potential risks have been identified, the next step is to evaluate risk and, where possible, decide on the best control method to mitigate the risk. For example, for a project that requires rope access repairs, heavy tools such as hammers or chisels may be required. We have identified falling tools as a major risk for those below our rope access technicians, so steps need to be taken to ensure tools are always secured.

4. Record Our Findings & Implement Control Methods

Once risks have been identified and evaluated, and control methods decided on to mitigate those risks, the next step is to meticulously record the findings so far. This helps build a picture over time, giving us even more information on how to reduce recurring risks. Once done, we can implement our chosen control methods on each identified risk, such as ensuring tools are always secured when working at height.

5. Review Our Risk Assessment

The last step in assessing risk for rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance projects is to thoroughly review the risk assessment to ensure we are clear on every risk and nothing has been missed. As a rope access company that always puts safety first, we ensure that a thorough risk assessment is carried out not just before a job, but at every stage of the project until completion.

We always put safety first, so choose Avisan for your next high-level project

With our meticulous approach to safety, you can see why Avisan is one of the premier rope access companies in the UK. Our expert team of rope access technicians have the experience and skills to complete any rope access repairs, cleaning or maintenance project, no matter the height or difficulty in reaching. So if you have any upcoming repair, cleaning or maintenance project at height, contact the team that always puts safety first.

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